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Our core competencies are the SIM card's roaming technology, GPS tracking reliability, and control software.


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Why 4G GPS?

Many countries are phasing our 2G and 3G internet connection facilities.

In Malaysia, Jendela has announced that 3G will be phased out by end of 2022 while Singapore already phase out 2G since 2017.

Thus, in order for your GPS tracker for car to be working on good signal connection and ensure you are getting real time location update on your mobile apps. 4G GPS Tracker is the latest technology that enable you to achieve the goal.

Do you sell SIM Card only?

Our SIM card is working together with GPS tracking and control software technology. Thus, if you already have a GPS system installed in your vehicle and wish to change to our SIM card and software plan. Yes, we do that. Each conversion is SGD 10 and the annual fee is SGD 40. We do not provide GPS warranty and SIM card change and installation support in this case.

How many years of warranty for the GPS?

1 year. GPS warranty will be voided if the warranty sticker is broken or the GPS cover is opened.

Do you support installation?

No, we do not. We will provide installation guide and the GPS setting support at our end. Most car accessories shop is able to perform this installation without must hassle. Our sales team will recommend you which car accessories shop that you can use.

Can I use this SIM card on my mobile phone to call or go overseas during traveling

No, this is a SIM card dedicated for Machine to Machine communication. It supports SMS and data communication between electronic devices.

Do you provide APAD installation certificate?

Yes, we will provide that upon installation and your request.

Where should I install the GPS at?

Usually the foreman at car accessories shop will help you to install and hide under the car dashboard.

How much do I pay yearly for the SIM card and mobile apps?

SGD 40. That’s all.

What are the countries that your roaming GPS can track my vehicle at?

Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Indonesia, Japan, Philipines, China, India, Hongkong, Taiwan, South Korea and up to 140+ countries covering Europe, America, Australia and Africa.

How Roadtracker GPS can help in car theft prevention and recovering my car?

Roadtracker solution provides comprehensive alert notifications directly to your mobile phone via our mobile apps.

You can arm your vehicle and be alerted by GPS power cut off, car battery low, engine turns ON during odd hours and Geo-fencing alert.

You may then track your stolen vehicle’s exact location even if it is oversea now. Make a police report and make sure you have arranged support to trace and get back the vehicle together with you. Once you are nearby to the vehicle location, you may use the mobile apps to cut off the vehicle engine. Police can snatch the car theft and you can get back your stolen vehicle in a safe.

Important Notes:

1.Do not cut off the vehicle engine when you are still far away or not so soon to get your vehicle with support from the police with you. This is to prevent car theft damage your car, stealing valuable parts from your car, and letting the car theft run away with it.

2.The vehicle engine will not be turned off until your vehicle’s moving speed is less than 10km/j after you trigger the engine cut-off on mobile apps. Once your vehicle is slowing down or stopping, fuel will be cut off and the car engine can not be restarted anymore. Car theft can not do anything in a short time and he will get out of the car and run away from there.

What is the lifespan and warranty of the GPS System?

Software and mobile apps system – Lifetime (As long as you are using our solution, it is lifetime access)

GPS Hardware – 1-year warranty, you may extend for another 2 years warranty with RM 60 or SGD 20. The lifespan of the GPS unit is 5 years.

SIM Card – Lifetime with annual roaming renewal data fees

What is REV 3 SIM?

Revolution 1 SIM Card is for humans communicate to humans via mobile phone

Revolution 2 SIM Card is for humans to communicate with machines, that is what our smartphone does, we can serve the internet and use our mobile phone to control another machine remotely via the internet.

Revolution 3 SIM Card is for Machine communicate to Machine. Some call it a Machine to Machine SIM Card, some even name it an IoT SIM Card.

What if the SIM card not working with my tracking device after I install it?

If the SIM card is not working. We will refund your money 100% and no questions ask.