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About Us

A GPS Tracker system for cars that are built and tested by a travel agency that focuses on private land tour services for travel industries in Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand to build and polish these regions' service quality.
Focus on solving the problem, affordability and reliability.

WHO IS ROADTRACKERRoaming Tracking GPS Total Solution

RoadTrackerAsia helps businesses and vehicle owners to track their vehicle/s and safeguard their assets on the road. RoadTrackerAsia provides dynamic solution with the combination of nationwide roaming sim card, hardware and cutting-edged software solutions to deliver accurate 24×7 real-time tracking, speed alert and remote controlling the over vehicles locally or even overseas.

HOWReduce Roaming Cost, Increase Controllability

Telecommunication is one of the services that is getting cheaper and more and more accessible for everyone. Roadtracker started to work on a roaming tracking solution 5 years ago and we achieve a tremendous breakthrough in this area but reducing the cost while increasing the signal stability across the globe. We strongly believe that tracking, managing, and controlling our valuable assets should be made simpler and affordable at all times.

WHY NOW?Malaysia is Phasing out 3G Connectivity by end of 2022

When everyone is talking about 5G and this is the perfect time to give the industry another boost of revolution change. So does the GPS tracker. Malaysia is phasing out 3G connectivity by end of 2022 and there are so many installed GPS trackers out there that are 2G and 3G supported. More and more users will notice their tracker is getting not stable, and location data is not accurate because of the lack of 3G in Malaysia. We are seeing this issue haunting a wide range of users who urgently need a complete solution to this.